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Are you a Project Manager?!
If You are a project manager or not, specify the most remarkable skill related to you and any one want to improve this skill will comment on you to spark a discussion about your remarkable skill that will make all of us have the highest benefits from this discussion.

I will start with myself: "I see the most remarkable skill at myself is Communication Skills".

Thank you in advance for your contribution in advance other project managers/leaders skills.
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I am a Project Manager, my highest skill which I enjoy most and provide most benefit is Risk and Issue management. The key, is to keep it simple. what I have found with various organisations, they tend to make this process complex and difficult to use.
Mar 23, 2018 5:48 AM
Thank you Clive for your contribution, and I am wondering how you can make it simple?
So please tell us about your methodology to make the risk management simple?

Thank you in advance to contribute in spreading knowledge and for your time in it.
Remarkable skill i would like to share is the Risk Management and Communication Skill.
My most remarkable skill was the ability to run faster than my stakeholders when things go wrong.I am loosing it due to my age then I am trying to learn how to do that in the future. (hehehehe)
Resource management
The ability to connect and communicate with a wide audience from bottom to the top.
I my case definitely the Stakeholder management. Stakeholders are so diverse and I enjoy to coming up with the best solutions that keep them happy. That’s only possible if I really understand what they need so I have to have their trust and willingness to communicate with me.
Communication skills will help Project Manager delivery of a better product, succeeding all the barriers.
I think it's the ability to anticipate and strategically plan, also goal setting, time management, and accountability.
I'm not a project manager yet but I manage projects on my units and my most remarkable skill is leadership.
I think the most underrated skill a Project Manager can have is gaining project team buy in through strong leadership and trust building. If you can do this, even under the most complex circumstances, with the most change resistant Sponsors and team members, it will all work out in the end.
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