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Can project management be innate?

For 18 years I have participated in the implementation of some project in information technologies or, as they are called today, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), I have always had the conviction that all those who enter the organization technologies that support and make more efficient the execution or development of a process, this I reinforced 5 years after starting the administration of IT projects, already with the implementation of methodologies.

I mention it, because in my beginnings I did not have the instruction of any specific methodology and my first projects, it was quite empirical, however, as administrator of networks and communications, the order, the discipline and the follow-up of procedures and policies fit very well. well in the development of many IT projects, although not all are of this nature, if I have participated in production projects, materials and robotics.

I consider that this type of project is the development of an automated system or the implementation of a hardware or software technology solution, which makes the same project very different and varied in terms of its activities.

All ICT projects must always be oriented towards the achievement of institutional objectives and obtain their meaning insofar as they provide added value to the organization, responding to their information and knowledge management needs, it is a sequence of tasks with a principle and an end limited in time by the resources and the desired results.

Regardless of the objectives pursued by the projects, it can be seen that they all have basic stages, with some small variations, the organization identifies a series of needs that can be addressed in the identification of techniques and methodologies to manage an IT project (one cycle). project), define and delimit the IT project, have tools, methodologies and techniques for the development environment and the life cycle of the hardware and software, record and identify the progress or delays of the IT project to visualize the risks and minimize the potential damages in its execution, carry out the delivery of the project together with the corresponding documentation, important lessons learned, experiences, legal agreements, etc.

I comment, they are also fiscal accountant, so I feel that the project management was implemented years ago intuitively and not all were successes, but I like to say that the teams with whom I work, supported me to conclude 90% of them with good results.
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Yes, project management can be innate. It it just an orderly way of doing things; we all practice project management in some manner, even if we don't call it that. For example, a morning routine (wake up, shower, eat breakfast, brush teeth, dress, go to work, etc.) is just an undocumented project schedule with resources, dependencies and durations.

^well stated.

Professional maturity makes things that once looked big, seem smaller, more manageable, and, yes, innate.

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