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Should I train for my account, to provide a good service?
Currently many people decide to train on their own, although it is true that the costs of courses is high for an individual, against part of a company that includes it in their budget and knows that there will be a return on investment, having a Your collaborators prepared, however in the personal aspect, there are times when there are great opportunities for training that are not accessible and many of them are for payment of a single exhibition, making it less accessible for people who live on a single income.

Just as companies through their human resources area establish the strategy for staff training, we must also have our training strategy based on our work profile, but also in the interest of knowledge and skills, which are based on the we like to do and we are naturally, we must be aware of the pros and cons of the investment we are going to make, to improve our knowledge, this is generally done to obtain better salaries and benefits, not forgetting that we should also feel happy to acquire new knowledge and / or reinforce it.

Companies always keep this question in mind:

Why, in short, if you invest so much money in training, you do not get the expected results, changes and improvements in the increase of sales or the return of the financial investment in the training received?

We have therefore that there is a failure, to miss a very important concept, staff has not been trained under the vision of a culture of quality service to internal and / or external customers, the same happens with issues such as leadership, quality, Productivity, etc
Well it depends on type of training if related to your job and can improve the performance and end result for the company then you might try to ask HR to pay for your special training but if the training for your own personal satisfaction and working towards your next move which has no relation to what you do now then I guess it is OK to pay from your own pocket as your investment in yourself which can get payback by your next better job.

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