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Preventive actions to avoid delays and return to work on IT projects.
Preventive actions to avoid delays and return to work on IT projects.

An important aspect when we are participants in information technology projects is that our day to day we take preventive measures that allow us to avoid doing the work again and anticipate situations that can cause delays in the deliverables, we can identify all the requirements of all the areas involved from the analysis phase, to avoid situations with environments and environments.

Preventive actions are classified by each phase of the cycle Analysis, Design, implementation and delivery of the service or infrastructure, regardless of whether they are executed sequentially in traditional lifecycle methodologies or in parallel.

Preventive actions

The analysis and design should involve all areas of the organization, when the project is for large companies there are usually multiple areas of business and technical areas such as IT tests, databases, operating systems, security, among others.

Based on a general definition of what is in scope and what is not, to moderate the gatherings of information, attention is a key point.

As we know, we must make minutes of all technical meetings, disseminate them in the shortest time possible once completed and obtain approval in writing or by mail from all participants, this will avoid divergences in the understanding of what is going to be done between the parts.

Prepare the test design during the analysis and design phase of the system, in order to anticipate the testing requirements in advance.

Determine with the documentation requirements, including change control forms, formats, applications.

Identify the requirements of the users of the database and operating system, including access privileges.

Conscientiously establish the configuration parameters of software components, systems, properties, parameters of Shell Scripts, among others.

According to the profiles of the positions and tasks of the users, establish the requirements of the equipment workstations, taking of course the software requirements, complements, components that the workstations of the developers and the test equipment need.

When requesting information from third parties, remember to keep track of the requests, register in the blog of pending events and actions, help other team members to follow, according to their function, of course.

Keep a version control on all the analysis and design documentation, disseminate the latest versions as soon as possible and alert the entire team.
Given the existence of multiple technical areas of development, implementation, testing, database, security, as administrators of the project, we must define in advance the roles and responsibilities in the communications to communicate, to whom and what the official media will be.

Corroborate the responsible for the environments, in general, the areas of development, testing and production are responsible for their environments.

This is just an initial list of preventive actions to avoid going back to work or delaying projects, in this case IT, this list is more extensive if you want to collaborate with your comments on the article and share your preventive actions with the community. It would be magnificent

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