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I failed PMP for the second time now with Proficient, Proficient, Moderately Proficient, below proficient, below proficient. My eligibility period ends in 44 days and the PMBOK version is changing from PMBOK 5 to PMBOK 6. I do not know what to do now. I thought I had studied enough but I am disappointed. Please tell me what to do, time is running out
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Hmm. You must have been so close. I would think those results would warrant a pass. Was this an improvement over the 1st attempt?

Tbh, I'm thinking do a review of your weak areas and go back in there. The challenge is finding an open slot for anything prior to the changeover.
It was an improvement. What can I do in 44 days, the version has changed? I am confused now..
I agree with Andrew. The version doesn't change until 3/26. I would focus on the below areas and try to secure a seat before 3/26.

Good Luck
You have been so close to success. I think you need just a little push, if you can just get one of the below proficient areas to proficient you are good. I understand that the time is too short for the 5th edition to expire and it will be even harder to go for 6th edition in the remaining time.
My advice , go for it.
Better go for PMBOK 6th edition as a fresh start
It is advisable to attempt the 6th Edition with renewed vigor. You are at the last lap.. so all the best!
I checked to see if thre is still a sitting in a few days to come, there seems to be nothing. I guess I will have to look for a 6th Edition PMBOK. Disappointed...
I did not study it, but I do not believe PMBOK 6 is a radical departure from PMBOK 5; you have 44 days, that's a lot of time, so go back to the grinding wheel and pass. Or give up, that's your choice.
If there's below proficient in any of the 3 main process groups - Planning, Executing and M&C, it will affect the overall result.

By and large, passing the PMP exam has much to do with identifying your knowledge gap and filling them before the exam.
If you've read any of the great texts for PMP exam and PMBOK, just focus on doing as many mock exams as possible(at least 5 of 200complete questions will do), and learning those you got wrong on guessed right by looking up the explanation in the referenced texts.

Good luck!!!
That's unfortunate, it sounds like if just one of those below proficients were moderately proficient you would have passed. So at least you know you are right on the cusp of passing. At this stage take a look at the exam breakdown and just obsessively study those area you were below and moderately proficient, I would not even focus at all on the areas you were proficient on, they should remain in your head. Book the exam in around 2 weeks, don't wait for the knowledge to drain away (from the proficient areas) while you study the lower areas. Get 80-85% consistently on the simulation exams and as I always advice people. take a look at the PMP Exam Content Outline and see what "Tasks" PMI expect a PMP to perform. Some of these do appear on the exam from memory.
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