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Question on Risk Burndown Chart
In Agile risk management, a risk burndown chart is best used to:

a. qualitatively analyze the probability of a risk occurring.

b. illustrate the project risk profile and new and changing risks.

c. track progress on risk reduction of technical risks.

d. document the external risks that could impact the project.
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c, although I'd extend it to all risks, not just technical ones...
That's my dilemma: C would have been best but limited to technical risks. B seems to be next best option. However, this site stated answer as A. :(

A is definitely not what a risk burndown chart would show so I would chalk that up as a defect...

I would have thought C but it's not just about technical risks so I chose B. Then I searched on the internet and this question has been posted in several places, with the correct answer being B.

Can't be A because a risk burndown chart doesn't show probability does it?
Yes I am pretty confident that A and D are wrong.

Not sure why this site consistently posts incorrect answers...

By looking at the kinds of risks we have identified, you can get a good idea of the risk profile of the organization. Further, the risk burndown chart can show new and changing risks by the flattening of the line (although a flattening doesn't always show a new/changing risk - better to use a burnup chart for that). My issue with selection C is the word "technical".

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