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Any software/templates suggested for managing construction projects from estimating/procurement through execution?
I've been in project management for a number of years managing software development/implementation projects and now I'm switching to managing construction projects for a small company. Are there tools that are commonly used in the management of the full life of a construction project?
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Back in the day (1990s) I was using Primavera to manage and track progress of major projects. Today I use MSProject, which is probably what you need to manage a small company's projects.
This is an area that always intrigued me Susan. I look forward to someone answering this question.
As a former President of an Under 100 General Contracting firm, I can tell you that I agree with Dan that MS Project is the basic tool required, and one that I utilized every day.
I would like to recommend to you to follow some of the basic teachings of your PMP Communication Procedures. Even with a small size company, it is vital to archive ALL project related communications, even if that means just including a rep from the Main Office on the CC Line.
Also, a Daily diary or report from the field PM's is absolutely necessary. Did you know these are admissable in court proceedings during litigation?
In my opinion, these are the BASIC requirements.

Good Luck!
first, are you working on the construction phase of a project - like for a contractor ---- or is the small company you mentioned is a project owner having to take project from idea to operation?

There is a difference
1 reply by Susan Eberly
Mar 26, 2018 11:37 AM
Susan Eberly

This would be from idea to operation.

Thank you,

This would be from idea to operation.

Thank you,

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