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Is it true to say the more project risks one takes the more complacent one become's?
When you as project manager take more and more risks and get away with them regardless of whether it was good planning and management or just shear luck.Do you find that one starts to be complacent and begin to take risks, better still take risks without consultation and backing from senior management.How long do you think one can get away with it?
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I understand what you are saying. But from a different perspective, nothing in life is guaranteed. So, if something worked before, that goes as history and as a track record. May be you are doing something right that is working everytime, may be luck. Even if you dont have documentation for it, results does matter. But, one should not become complacent- I agree and is always better to keep the management in the loop (if they are of the listening kind).
I would think it depends on the type of risks that you are taking. I am assuming that you are talking about schedule risks here. Which most managers take since over allocation of resources these days is a norm rather than exception and management expectations keep rising for a successful project manager. Many a projects get completed on time simply because of extreme efforts from a few team members.

If you are continously taking risks in order to complete the project on time and budget, I believe you are setting yourself up for a bigger failure as you may just be hiding the problems. They are easy to hide when they are small.

I agree with KK that a few star memebers usually exist in a project scenario.
There are only 2 kinds of risks: those you know, and those you don't. Every project needs to include risk analysis. Whether it's a formal evaluative process, or on the back of an envelope, identifying your project exposures and responses to those exposures allows you the project manager to handle the ones you know more effectively. Those that you can't identify? Well those you have to manage as the risk horizon occurs... or not... but at the close of business - project management is about risk reduction through planning - and if you have a bunch of heroes running around solving problems - you don't have a project management system - just anarchy.

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