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Scrum in non IT projects
Has anyone tried Scrum in a non IT Project and can share his/her experience?
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Thought about it Yes, tried it, No. However, I believe it could be applicable in many ways.I recently posted an article under my blogs for the relationship between Scrum & Professional Development. Check it out Lukas.
Lukas -

I've done it regularly and so long as the team and supporting roles have the right behavior & mindset, it can work very well as a means of increasing customer and team member engagement and delivering value in a transparent, regular flow.

Specific agile practices such as test-driven development or CI/CD might not be applicable, but the values & principles codified in the Manifesto just make sense and can be applied to many types of projects.

I'm currently the Agile Coach on the first non-IT Agile Pilot project at a government facility in South Carolina. We applied ScrumBan to the engineering design only in a large capital project. It has been very successful and I would love to share it with you. Major lessons: Convince management to stay out of the way; Collocate; Rigorously apply the Scrum practices (standups every day, same time, and brief), Control outside work, Highly visible charts, Quick turnaround on roadblocks, Break work into small chunks. Everything you read to do, do it. Most importantly, pick the right project or part of a project. Works well for engineering when creating similar designs, that can be broken now into "small" deliverables and delivered incrementally using multiple iterations.
Several times including my current work place. Remember, Scrum is not a method, is a framework you can fill out with the tools and techniques best fit for your situation.

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