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Technical Team Member Performance Evaluation in a Project
Greetings to all my colleagues,
Im working for a infrastructure and TI services related company, which has field engineers, each one with different personalities and roles. As part of the changes in the company im currently working on implement a new PMIS (Project Management Information System) allong with a new set of standards and procedures to be applied on each new project for our customers.

One of the main challenges i have encountered is the resistance to accept the new projectized culture alligned with the PMI procedures and standards, this lack of adoption difficults the project tracking process as new projects keep coming. To face this challenge, one of the possible options that im evaluating is the implementation of a new performance evaluation scheme that includes apart of the resource technical habilities, the communication skill levels, the use levels of the tools provided to help the project manager to keep track of the project during execution and so on.

The result of these evaluations as well as other indicators will be taken into account at the moment of giving any economical incentive to the team, so it could form as part of thet motivation to collaborate with the newly defined procedures.

Is there anyone of you that is currently using some kind of evaluation model that could be shared with me so i can use it as a benchmark for my goals?

I would appreciate your comments or suggestions.

Best Regards,n

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