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Does anyone have Hybrid Project Management guidelines?
As 2018 is in full swing and I am looking for a new role jumping off of a contract. I can't help but ask or think about what prospective employers are looking for or asking me for. Most say Agile is the way but we still like Waterfall, so we're Hybrid...I know this contradictory but as methodologies go-so do change.

If we are to proceed with change and our Project Management community is asked to do so than I believe we should have guidelines.

So my question here is "What if any are the guidelines for Hybrid Project Managment?"
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Mar 28, 2018 2:43 PM
Replying to David Meltzer
In my experience, it seems as though organizations limit the type of tools allowed to be used. The hybrid methodology is a broad term and would suggest an unlimited range of fluidity. I agree that a good PM should be able to lead and use whatever means they see fit to make a project successful, however, there should be some structure on how that works.
Sure the human tendency is to move to more process, process allows less experienced practioners to get similar work completed. The tools create the process. We just started a short project using daily sprints. Demo yesterdays completed work, talk about process changes and gather requirements for the next day. We are using the sprint model and applying it to a software tool that needs minor modifications. This project should be complete in two weeks. Tools, Process, Work to be Done, applied leadership, VOC.
The method is not the point. The deliverables, the value to the business is the point. Pick a path and figure it out.

I posted an article here on on creating a hybrid.
Hi Everyone,

I have gain a lot of information from this posting. I would like any recommendations on webinars, classes and articles related to running project in the "hybrid" mode. I have been assigned an effort to develop and introduce a strategy of how we as Engineering work with Agile Scrum teams to deliver our projects. Our team is mostly using Waterfall right now and we have more and more demands of projects from App teams that are running Agile.
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