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I’m interested to find out your observations of the organizational structures where you’ve been a PMP. Would you say: Functional, Weak Matrix, Strong Matrix or Projectized?

My reason for asking is that I’m seeing a lot of job requisitions requiring PMP Certification, yet the details indicate in depth experience with other disciplines, such as Business Anaysis, Software Programming and Software Testing. I’m not seeing anything in these job requisitions requiring experience with Earned Value Management, Critical Path Methodor managing the triple constraint and modifying the baselines as necessary.
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Nicholas -

There is definitely a correlation between the level of organizational project management maturity and the types of skills or experience solicited in job postings. However, there isn't always a direct correlation between organizational structure and organizational project management maturity. I've seen a few project-oriented companies that are very immature and some weak matrix ones that are quite mature.


Probably strong matrix, although large organization are usually more functional as their various business units or subsidiaries bring the real money (still the number one factor in assessing "value"), and these BU heads are in many cases more influential than any project manager or sponsor.

Strong matrix is a valuable way of interact between the different departments in the Company. Thus imply maturity in the behaviors and flexibility to carry out the goals. Executive management and relevant stakeholders use to be more engaged and interaction soften and facilitate (most of the times) the stakeholder management engage. In my opinion (and it clearly depends on the type of Company) strong matrix let this kind of organizations do more with less, being more adaptative to the variety and number of projects needed by the organization.

This is a good question, especially in the IT industry. In my experience managing demand side technology projects I have come across perhaps one or two large projects that effectively used EVM or a similar measure. The under utilization of these project management techniques definitely contributes to the proportion of projects that fail.

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