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Where to find PM live event in the US and how to get invited?
Really interested to interact with peers and enhance my knowledge in the PM world.
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Some upcoming events are listed on this site:

You can also find and join your local chapter and see what events are available in your area.
Amandine, your PMI Kansas Chapter membership would be the first place to look.
Doesn't you local chapter have events? conference, lunch,...
Local PMI chapters usually hosts a lot of events but if you are up for travelling than Dinah has given the links to events all around USA and even the world.
You are at the right place here with the comfort of your home and your own timing.
We have daily nice discussions here
Hi Amandine,

I would suggest here; but check your local PMI Chapter as well.

Here is the link -

They actually have a few events coming up for you to attend.

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