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Does Project Manager is expected to act as Escalation Manager
I'm handling account having multiple projects for one account / client and product is SaaS platform. I'm across production outages, major incidents on latency on the platform every other month and due to which I'm spending lot of time in coordination between customer team and internal teams of architect, dba, engineers, support team to get right information and problem resolution. These activities is completely shifting my focus from project handling as these incident take nearly 1-2 weeks on RCA, over night incident management & I'm equally answerable on ongoing project deliverable .

Can you please advice if its expected from PM to deal with such Issues as event is recurring event? . Does these work add value to my profile ?
Does anyone also has similar experience in their career
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I might disagree with others here, but PM needs to do what he has to do to deliver the project on time, budget and the required quality whatever you have to do. Now the question is if you are given the budget to employe someone to do this can you justify it financially for the project . In other word .. is it worth it to hire someone for that and you focus on your job.. How much are you going to save for the project if you hire that person?
You could delegate such follow up activities to one of your team member. And for incident usually there should be safety coordinator or safety officer to look after all incident and discuss root cause analysis with you after initial investigation
It is great to see that PMBOK 6 recognizes and has a section on escalation. While the PM must do all that they can to manage the project and resolve issues, sometimes there is no alternative but to escalate.
Sharath -

the key is to quantify whether this is happening as an exception or is the rule for a sustained period of time. The former might be considered business as usual for a PM but the latter would be a source of risk as your attention would be shifted away from managing the project.

I do. Is a difficult question without known about the whole picture. First, if all these stuff is part of a project where you are involved then you have to continue monitoring the activities to solve all these stuff. Second, if the project ends and this type of things happen and somebody decided to put all the package into a project and you are assigned then you have to coordinate all the activities related to fix the problem. BUT you must not be the incident manager. If not project in place, if not activities to follow, you have nothing to do as project manager. No matter that, at the end, is up to your organization view on the matter.

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