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How Do I create S Curve in MS Project 2010... Kindly Explain Step by Step Process
Need to know Basics of MS Project and it's Functions...
Also mainly learn to create S Curve... Planning and Scheduling
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Yes. In the new reports tab:

1.Create a new report.
2. Insert a line graph
3. Select the graph and in the field list that should display on the right of your screen, deselect all fields
4. Select Cumulative Work
5. Click the triangle next to baseline in the field list
6. Select cumulative baseline work
That should do it.
I have 2013 version

Why do not you buy a udemy course of MS Project, that could help you .. I did that and it was really good

you can check these slides

There are many resources out there for MS Project. For instance Udemey as mentioned above, MPUG, etc. Check this out:

Or if you are old school like me, get any of Eric Uyttewaal's books on MSP...

You could get some starter free on the web, on youtube there is plenty.

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