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MS Project 2016 - Reporting

My company really likes MS Projects and at this point, discussions for upgrade are not on the table. I have forced this program to do most of what I need it to do to meet the requirements of the CEO and COO. Alas, MS Projects is not my first choice for running multiple complex programs but I digress... Question: Is there an aftermarket solution for reporting out of MS Project files? The built-in reporting is novice at best... and I am not getting the ability to manipulate the reports like we see in FORM based reporting systems. Any ideas or solutions are appreciated… (short of replacing MS Project with a real Enterprise Management Program). Thank you.
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John -

if you are referring to the standalone version of MSP, then other than using one of the Excel-extract type reports and then loading that data into a database for external reporting you might be out of luck.

With the server version of the product, there's much more opportunity for external reporting as the data is stored in an MS SQL database...

A few versions back, there was a happy middle ground achieved by saving MPP files via an ODBC connector into an MS SQL database. This could be done with the standalone Professional product and enabled advanced external reporting but Microsoft dropped this feature around (I believe) the 2010 version.


Microsoft like to drop features after a while, it must be a strategy or something ;-)

Export to excel... I did see that but past right over it. Usually exports then take a lot of work formatting work especially bringing the data across to some predesignated report and I am looking for speed. However, that is an excellent idea and I will look at excel. Maybe it is an export into an SQL style and then report out of that... hmmm... sounding like a lot of steps. In regards to server based (SQL), that to might be a good bridge that I can sell to my boss. Thanks for the ideas!

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