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Looking For a Entry Level Project Manger

Here is my background info,
I have completed my Masters in computer science in 2014 and started working as a software developer for past three and half years. I am really passionate about the project Managment so I have enrolled my self in the Masters of Project Managment which will be completed by 2018 Fall.

I am trying to find a job that would help me with my project management skills and to take up the PMP but looks like I am not left with any options. My search continues with no results as everyone is looking for an experienced or certified project manager. I am trying to see what would be my options in getting a job without the project management experience?
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Hi, if you are in software development, isn't there opportunities to manage or at least be on the project team?
You have excellent opportunity to join as team player
Look for an opportunity to take on a development lead role on a mid to large-sized project as that will expose you to some PM activities. Make sure your people manager is aware of your interest and see if you can connect with others in your company who might be in a position to help you move into a PM role within the company,

You will find something. Keep looking. What part of the world are you in?

With your background, you may also want to consider a role of Scrum Master. Also, think about breaking through by looking at Business Analyst roles. Lots of times that role blends with a Project Management responsibilities. The transition for BA to PM is also less of a 'jump' b/c there is a lot over relate-able experience.

Good luck!

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