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Imagine applying it and taking it to be part of your team

In neuroscience, resilience has to do with the ability to face an adverse situation, overcome it and emerge strengthened, it is not a characteristic that people have or do not have, it must be considered that it includes behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed by anyone.

In this case we will apply it to the labor field, so we can say that it refers to the ability to be prepared to take advantage of conflicts, weaknesses and threats as a source of opportunity and development, learning from the process of change and that is not just a concept within labor psychology, but a tool that gives a competitive advantage to people.

In other words, it is nothing other than the ability of the worker to see as an opportunity for growth, the conflicts, threats and weaknesses that may arise within his work environment, beyond falling into anguish and blockage. of an attitude that empowers you, that allows you to be decisive and therefore more productive.

There are facts, moments, situations in life or at work that traumatically affect people, which affect decisions and generate stress. It is clear to me that each individual reacts differently in the face of adversity: some take positive attitudes, surpass obstacles bravely and take advantage of them, while others get stuck, entangled in negative memories for a long time.

For an organization, having within its staff as employees, people with this social ability guarantees, maintain, an emotional balance in times of stress, good work performance under pressure, good ability to deal with situations outside the normal and which They require immediate solution.

Team resilience

Aspects to consider

Always be aware of our emotions, especially in times of stress, remember that if we ignore the fears, we can never have a positive attitude towards them.

Control stress and uncertainty, strengthen the ability to manage these two concepts so common in the workplace, which is not always easy, however, we must treat negative feelings not altered in excess.

Be flexible with the opinions of others, that is important, that changes are acceptable, even if they are negative, that allows them to have an opportunity at work, soon disputes and the views found, I recommend cultivating the capacity of active listening and practicing it This will avoid arguments and misunderstandings.

Patience, care is very different from being passive, we all have the frenzy to get results in the short term that often we make hasty decisions, at work is the worst enemy, we think that patience and the ability to wait, should be put in practice when the medium or long-term goals prevail over the desires of the moment, so we must control the impulses and this will make it a guaranteed success in teamwork.

The knowledge of the organization, the functions to be developed and the possible difficulties that may arise, give the worker confidence in his work and prepare him to be able to face adverse situations that may arise and request help if this is the case.

Have empathy, keep in mind that the ability to understand the other and put yourself in place, within the workplace, allows the worker to become aware of the emotionality that certain situations can cause within the daily performance and focus positively on what is really important at that time.

Simplicity, the search for a better solution to unexpected events, produces in the human being the ability to learn to look at situations under various perspectives, which undoubtedly helps to position itself in the most recommendable and therefore leads to a decisive attitude.

Learn to cultivate and value the work of others, gives people the ability to develop trust in others, allowing you to create awareness of support within your team.

Recognizing that situations or events can take another course, can increase the ability of people to adapt without discomfort to obtain the proposed results, it is the job of a good leader to teach these aspects to their work team, let's think, if a valuable person with this quality, we can imagine how valuable a whole team of people with these characteristics would be and, perhaps, talk about a resilient company.

Sincerely - Rberny - México

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