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Project Manager Roles varies as per the type of projects

Project Management has many variation considering the projects results/ unique deliverables.To cite an example in software development PM has to follow almost all the processes and basic fundamental defined by PMI . On the other hand in software maintenance (not operations) has to follow almost very little out the standard processes. This is the real time example of organizations, 100 + designated Project Manager (including PMP) rarely refer any process in maintenance of the software, new change request or new functional scope etc. My question is that - why industry give them the designation of PM if it is not in line of basic fundamental? PMI may introduce a separate set of standard for this category of PMs. Maintenance contracts are unique , temporary and result oriented (SLA) and always have assigned project manager. Is there any specific role or designation for operation management do exist then why these are referred as PM in most of industries ?
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Narender, I'm not really sure what the question is. Your first question I believe is answered by if someone is managing a project (however badly on your view) that is why the industry designates them to be a PM. I think the second question can be answered in the same way. Projects are probably the environment with the largest variety in the world. So it stands to reason that you will get all sorts of PM's, good and bad, appropriately assigned and inappropriately assigned.

As far as I understood your post please let me say that are some kind of confusion there. First of all, what PMI stated into the PMBOK is a guide (as the name explicit said). That means that each time you start a new initiative you have to select the set of knowledge areas/process you will follow (and perhaps some of the tools and techniques) and you have to tied them into a project life cycle (you have to decide about it). So, what you stated about software is not correct. Second, to perform project management you must not follow the PMI or any other guideline. You can perform project management in your own way. What value could be found in following the PMI way? Well, as the PMBOK Guide stated into the first page about what the guide means.

Project management is dynamic and its application cuts across different industries and projects which are obviously unique in their own rights. The guideline provided by PMI cannot address each and every unique need of this industries and projects, but could be adapted for different projects. What I think you should focus on is understanding the nature of your own project, its life cycle and how best you can apply some of the principles/ guidelines provided by PMI to it.

I wouldn't say SLAs are a result. SLAs are a measure of success of the engagement.

AMCs therefore, would not fall under the umbrella of project management. They are operational in nature (even if temporary) and more concerned with maintaining the current level of services rather than creating a new unique product or service.

The managers leading these operations are usually Operations Managers or Technical Quality Managers. The skill-set required is similar to that of a PM, yes, so it should be no surprise that PMP certified folks are brought into such roles.

I don't understand the question properly

Could you clarify your question please ?

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