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I am preparing for my PMI RMP exam, Please suggest me any recommended books?
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I used Belinda Fremouw's book and was very satisfied with the amonut of useful information. I had tried another book before and it felt like I was not getting everything I needed.

There's a few RMP's that will surely respond to this question Smit :-)

Read the Risk & Stakeholder Management chapters of the PMBOK Guide as well as PMI's Risk Management Standard. You might also want to peruse the archives of Dr. David Hillson's monthly blogs (going back at least a decade!) on the subject...


Please refer to my blog. I mentioned in details everything I did through my RMP Journey.

In summary, you have to study: Risk, Stakeholder & Communication KA’s from PMBOK and the Standard Practice for Risk Management but the exam will test you beyond any text book.

Carl Pritchard offers a course to prepare for the PMI-RMP Exam as well.

In addition check few articles related to PMI-RMP on
Review PMBoK 5th/6th Ed. Risk Management chapter thoroughly;
Study PMI Standard for Project Risk Management;
Review Rita Mulcahy PMP prep book Risk Management chapter;
Study Abdulla Alkuwaiti RMP prep book;
Review PMBoK 5th/6th Ed. Communication Management chapter;
Review PMBoK 5th/6th Ed. Human Resources Management chapter;
Review Monte Carlo simulation technique;
Study Latin Hypercube technique;
Perform Practice Tests using Rita Mulcahy and Abdulla Alkuwaiti prep books.

"Project Management, Denial, and the Death Zone: Lessons from Everest and Antarctica" is a great book for real world type examples of risk management.

"Rizvi's Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) Exam Prep Guide" is what I used to pass the actual exam.

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