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Does Resource and Procurement Management Knowledge areas overlap!?
Human Resource Management Plan has been changed into Resource Management Plan which includes all resources including human resources required for completion of Project.

Sometime I feel these both areas Overlaps! OR procurement should be made part of Project Resource Management Plan..

What do you say!!
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I am also confused about this and looking forward to know people views on this topic!!
They are similar but different in terms of processes. Resource Management rells you how to acquire, manage, control but procurement goes much more beyond that.

At the end, all KA areas overlap.
You can start or not Procurement processes to acquire Resources. There is no overlapping.
As Rami said, all the knowledge areas overlap to a certain extent. But procurement should definitely not be under the Resource Management Plan
Muneer -

A project which is not going to involve any third-party services or products would never get into the processes of Procurement Management. However, you will always have to go through the Resource Management processes, even if you are the only person working on the project.

There are linkages between many of the PMBOK processes but that is to be expected as the integration aspect of project management is so critical.


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