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How PMP certification can help a Sales and Marketing Professional to grow in his career.

There is a growing passion for professionals now a days are to add new skills to remain relevant in job and changing market scenarios where technological advancement is bring lot of uncertainty for job security. This trend is most prevalent in developing countries . Under these scenarios if a Sales or Business Management Professional with some amount of Project Management work in his current role does his PMP certification , how it can open new doors for career advancement and help him get better career opportunities.
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It depends what are you selling. However, It is important because a lot of sales needs initating planning executing monitoring amd closing.
I used to work work in B2B Business Development in Oil and gas projects and end up performing the whole project from the lead all the way to full actual deliver of the project.

Well it might help you sell project services in a consulting firm. That is a good use of the PMP if you are still in S&M.

If you can apply project management discipline to your work by characterizing specific initiatives as projects, then it may help, but the PMP is usually only relevant when seeking PM-oriented jobs so a comprehensive foundational course in project management might be more useful...


It depends on the market. Just let me a comment based on my personal history. I taught lot of sales and marketing professionals on project management courses and PMP certification courses. They came to the courses from very well known companies around the world. But I taught more into business analyst related courses (at this time the IIBA was the only organization in the field. Today, you have the PMI) because they are business analyst in scence more than project managers. Why they come? Mainly sales people were trained before they took project management and business analysis course in sales related methods like SPIN selling, LAMP, Power Base Selling then they needed a complement to put the methods in practices into their sales process.

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