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Are there any applications or case studies regarding the Project Management Methodologies/Tools to deal with Open Innovation projects?

Open Innovation is a trending concept in large corporations and I would like to get more insights about how to apply project management methodologies and tools into projects of Open Innovation?

What are the required skills and knowledge to cope with Open Innovation environments and projects in terms of managing those projects?

Agile or Classical Project Management methods are more suitable for these kind of projects?
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Ismail -

It's less a question of knowledge or methods and more the mindset shift away from the traditional fear of failure to more of a validated learning approach.

There's also the need to find the right balance between too rigid control (e.g. budgets, timelines, resource allocation) with a free for all.


I would say it aligns more with Agile since both include collaboration, transparency and external feedback (not just internal).

I will second Sante here, it is certainly leaning more to Agile. You will kill the innovation with waterfall.

I am program manager belonging to the Latin America Division of Innovation and Transformation PMO which belongs to the EPMO (Enteprise PMO). There is not different skills. The important thing is to understand the PMO structure from the architectural view. Foe each thing the organization do you have to consider there are a basement (quality and client focused mainly) where you can find Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, etc, etc. With basement on that you have life cycle models (predictive and adaptive), life cycle process based on those models (waterfall, sequential, iterative, incremental, etc), methods based on that life cycle process (SDLC, Spiral, V, Scrum, DSDM, etc), tools to support the methods (any type of tools, not software tools only). You have to mix all this up understanding the actual enteprise architecture that is impacted for the initiative. BUT all related to project management, all related to manage a project, still remains as the PMBOK Guide stated except you can use your own techniques and tools.

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