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How are you seeing the agile transformation in the traditional companies?

How are you seeing the agile transformation in the traditional companies?
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Do you mean traditional waterfall companies? Slow.

Sliding it in the hybrid or hybrid-plus.
1 reply by Kevin Drake
Apr 27, 2018 3:43 AM
Kevin Drake
I like this approach.

More complex and longer than in newer companies!

Apr 26, 2018 9:29 AM
Replying to Drake Settsu
Sliding it in the hybrid or hybrid-plus.
I like this approach.

Traditional companies have not mastered the art of tailoring the Agile process to each situation. Thats what I see as the big challenge for them. Other than that I see no major difference

From 1995 up to date I brought the bread to my table helping what you said "traditional" companies to implement Agile which ever demands a transformation (as any other type of thing you introduce to make things). That´s includes my actual work place. So, it is a matter or vision, no more than that. The other problem is few people understand what implement Agile relay is a much more "sell" that Agile is something that is not. For example, the actual work is based on "silo" or "functional" oriented organizations. Organizations can not throw it away. Agile can be implemented into "silo" based architectures. But lot of people that are selling Agile do not know how to do that, sell the initiative to change that "by revolution". And revolutions are bloody.

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