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New to the Project Management Field

I am currently working in the Medical Laboratory Science field for a large non-profit hospital. I have a bachelor of science in medical laboratory science and a master of science in healthcare admininstration, and a professional certificate in project management with 36+ hours of project management education. Also I am soon going to sit for the CAPM exam.

I became interested in project management in the last year or so but I have no real project experience. I have worked with project managers during small activities but I have never been involved in the actual project processes.

My question to everyone is, how do I go about getting project experience to transition into the field of project management. Project management in the healthcare sector seems pretty scarce at least in my general area so I am not sure where to go in regards to positions that provide the needed experience.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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you should first change your career from functional to projectized if you have the power,
PMP or CAPM are both are for the job which can be learned in projectized environment,
first of all you can go for CAPM, and start your job as project then after you got the experience you can start study for PMP.

Try to see with your local chapter if there are volunteer opportunities and if you are just starting then best way to start is as a project coordinator as you will be exposed to the different sides of the projects.

There is also which I was just directed to by George Lewis. :)

Matthew -

A normal stepping stone into the PM career path is either to be a sub-project leader (i.e. a workstream on a larger project) or a project analsyt supporting a PM.

I'm a little surprised by your comment about limited project management in healthcare as I spent a portion of my career in that industry in North America and found it heavily project-oriented in the construction/facilities, operational excellence and information technology areas of healthcare.


Becoming a member of PMI and getting involved after you join your local PMI Chapter will bring many opportunities to learn and network.

A basic start will be with projects in your community as a busy bee and then try to get involved with the chapter. The most important to find a project to grab experience in your area and even if you work on a volunteer base. It is not easy

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