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How projects managers apply the perceiving organizational support as a new challenge?   Mohamed wahdan  Apr 22, 2017 6:56 AM 
how automation in Information technology will impact project managers and there existence in project?  Anonymous  Apr 21, 2017 4:18 PM 
The organization recognized the need to manage risk and has set up a corporate risk committee, but there seems to be areas the organization is willing to really delve into exploring some of the known  Anonymous  Apr 19, 2017 1:08 PM  10 
Thought Provoking Statements  Monique Pietropaoli  Apr 17, 2017 11:05 AM 
Why have me contacts diappeared?  John Tieso  Apr 13, 2017 2:57 PM 
Which of these two has more INFLUENCE on projects DECISIONS and why - a project's BUDGET or an organisation's CULTURE?  Andrew Tabi  Apr 10, 2017 11:23 AM 
The strategy in an organization is very important. How do you think you should plan and who must assume this responsibility?  Eduin Fernando Valdes Alvarado  Apr 10, 2017 8:25 AM 
What is the best way to adapt soft skills to project development as project managers?  Eduin Fernando Valdes Alvarado  Apr 10, 2017 8:24 AM  11 
Dependency conflicts in a project ??  Mudassar Khan  Apr 7, 2017 11:52 AM  10 
Dispute on construction contracts  Chandrashekhar Thatte  Apr 4, 2017 6:40 AM 
What is the most reoccurring issue that you have encountered on your projects and how did you resolve it?  Igor Zdorovyak  Apr 3, 2017 2:23 PM 
Dispute Resolution-  Chandrashekhar Thatte  Apr 1, 2017 9:55 AM 
How do you ensure that your project is always on track?  Mudassar Khan  Mar 31, 2017 2:58 AM  11 
Best internal contests for engagement of staff who may be very resistent?  Lynda Stanton  Mar 29, 2017 12:44 PM 
Para el control es mas importante tener todo documentado sobre las responsabilidades o personalmente verificar constantemente que lo planeado corresponda a lo proyectado   Luis del Carmen Martinez Silva  Mar 27, 2017 3:44 PM 
Risk management   SANJEET KUMAR PATRA  Mar 24, 2017 10:28 AM 
changes in Project Charter  SANJEET KUMAR PATRA  Mar 24, 2017 10:25 AM  12 
Feelings of the Project Team are Essential  Tareq A. Al Behairi  Mar 23, 2017 2:50 PM 
PMI-PBA┬« Exam Study Group  Michael Effanga  Mar 23, 2017 1:13 PM 
MS Project Scheduling  Ed Tsyitee Jr  Mar 22, 2017 8:33 PM  16 
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