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An Interesting Question  Kevin Coleman  Aug 10, '16 1:16 AM  11 
An interesting question came up!  Kevin Coleman  Jul 4, '16 12:02 PM 
Are you looking for volunteer with Analytical bend in pharmaceutical/chemical/F&B area?   Manish Biyani  Apr 5, '16 7:51 AM 
Best ways to plan and execute a complex IT Go Live?  Anonymous  Jan 25, '17 7:31 PM  10 
Big Data: How does your organization use data for decision making?  Kristin Jones  May 8, '16 1:12 AM 
Business Model for Mobile App  Kamlesh Lalwani  Nov 17, '16 10:56 AM 
Cloud Deployment - Strategy  Mihir Kumar Jhaveri Hemanth Kumar  Dec 8, '16 1:15 PM 
Day of the Week Constraint  John Albaugh  Mar 3, '16 9:54 AM 
DevOps - What is in it for Project Managers?  Surendar Enduri  Jun 10, '16 1:39 AM 
Devops! Can someone share useful information on Devops  Pravin Kumar Shrivastava  Jan 1, '16 12:15 PM 
Digital Transformation: My Version  Mihir Kumar Jhaveri Hemanth Kumar  Sep 30, '16 3:22 PM 
Do you (really) benefit from Cloud Solutions?  Paul Visser  Feb 17, '17 10:58 AM  22 
Do you find your organization does a good job including IT in the initial planning stage of projects?  Andrew Craig  Feb 27, '17 10:41 PM  16 
Do you know about Data Privacy Day?  Anupam Ganguly  Jan 28, '17 12:54 PM 
Future Technology Trends Survey  arlene trimble  Dec 8, '16 3:39 PM 
Gold plating  Vinod Vadakkethalakkal  Sep 26, '16 12:31 AM  22 
How are you using the cloud to enhance Project Managment?   John Herman  Mar 14, '16 10:07 AM 
How are you using the Risk Register to inform Board Members?  Samuel Bruce  Apr 20, '16 7:47 AM 
How as Project Manager we justify or verify the technology suggested and time frame given by our technical lead is appropriate.  Anonymous  Jan 10, '16 9:49 PM 
How do you track who from your employees (especially software developers) have related skills for your next project?   Anonymous  Feb 24, '17 7:08 AM 
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