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Conflict of interest situation  Alankar Karpe  Feb 28, 2017 10:53 AM  12 
A client offered me a “private bonus” if I could get their project prioritized over other clients’ projects. What should I do?  Amany Nuseibeh  Jul 26, 2017 3:51 PM  32 
Major Highlights from PMBOK® Guide Sixth   Namrata Dokewar  May 29, 2017 9:42 PM  13 
Have you taken the survey on Ethics?  Vincent Guerard  Apr 9, 2017 8:33 PM  17 
PM efforts required for software project delivery as per industry standard. Whether the PM efforts are considered in Business days or Mandays as per industry standard  Lalitha Sathianarayanan  Jun 1, 2016 4:28 AM 
What other questions would you ask when Studying Project Procurement Management?   George Lewis  Jul 22, 2016 6:35 AM 
How Will the USA Presidential Election Affect Project Management Community?  George Lewis  Dec 8, 2016 10:09 PM  14 
Imagine a PM Career for in Policing, Crime Scene Investigation and Legal PM  Paul Pelletier  Nov 16, 2016 12:49 PM 
As-built Schedule  Samuel Adetola  Dec 8, 2016 10:28 PM 
question   shaban osman  Dec 28, 2016 2:41 PM 
Legal framework responsability in a project  Engels Gilvert  Feb 15, 2017 7:49 PM 
Contract Suspension and EOT Together  Anonymous  Jul 25, 2016 9:07 AM 
GST in India  ChaiXien Lee  Oct 31, 2016 4:24 PM 
Benefits of timeshares software  Jim Forte  Aug 26, 2016 8:46 AM 
For somebody working in Agile Legal Project Management, would you recommend the PMI ACP or a specific Legal Project Management certification?  david hannigan  Nov 13, 2016 11:52 PM 
For your kind help- Case-1  Abdulhamid Soliman  Feb 27, 2017 2:30 AM 
What is the most effective way of procurement in small organization without PMO?  Naveen Katara  Mar 1, 2017 6:25 AM 
E-Mail As Mode of Communication  Chintan Shah  Mar 4, 2017 11:57 PM  16 
Risk reports in the progress report from sub contractor?  Vincent Guerard  Mar 10, 2017 3:06 PM 
Procurement a practice Areas?  Vincent Guerard  Mar 15, 2017 5:54 AM 
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