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Selecting the right package for your business needs is crucial to your success. You might not always want to take the test drive, so here you can talk to other PMs who have been around the Package Selection block--get their advice, ideas and expertise to help you pick the right package.

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Let's talk process improvement: Who can't use new ways to improve their processes?

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Project Management Phases?

from Project Management Central posted by Anonymous on

I am taking a project management class in which the instructor asks students to explain "the five fundamental phases of project management--initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring and control ...

WBS Templates

from Project Management Central posted by Alice Lee on

Hi, our company manufactures laptop bags (i.e. backpack, briefcase, sleeve). Does anyone have any good WBS template that I can incorporate/use for this type of projects? Please advise. Thanks so mu ...

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- Rene Descartes