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What is the difference of certification of the; ou

I'm trying to figure out which SCRUM certification is best for understanding where I should focus on my study.
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This was my experience. puts emphasis on self-study and the scrum guide
Scrum Alliance puts emphasis on a 2-day class

The CSM from Scrum Alliance is probably more recognized right now. It'll also cost you more. You'll pay a fee to a certified scrum trainer (CST) to teach you about Agile and Scrum. The fees vary according to the trainer, but expect to invest a good sum of money. At the end, you'll take an open book test and walk out with a well-recognized certification.

The PSM from is earned by taking an online test. You can take a class if you want to, but it's not required. There are 3 levels of certification. The first, PSM1, is only $150 (USD), the PSM3 is $500.

I can tell you that in my area, the CSM could get your résumé past the first screening and get you a job interview. The PSM doesn't show up on many job postings, but scrum practitioners all know what it is, so it could differentiate you from the competition if you get that interview.

You'll have to look at the job listings in your area and decide which certification is more recognized, which is in more demand, and which returns more on your investment.

Most jobs I see advertized call for "Agile' or "Scrum" but usually don't specify the certification, unlike project management which does mention either PMP or Prince2 in nearly all cases.

Thanks for your opinions/answers Andrew Craig, Wade Harshman and Sante Vergini

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