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Connections beyond this forum-social media platforms

This may seem a bit off topic for this forum, but, if you use Twitter there are a lot of project mangers there.

Every Wednesday and Friday there is a Twitter chat called #PMChat (project manager chat).
Usually the topics are related to project management, and sometimes it's a general Q and A.

Right now, I think the hosts are looking for someone to lead a chat regarding earned value management, how it works, and how it's applied in actual projects and project milestones.

If you use Twitter, and are interested, or just want to expand your network of project managers, look up @PMChat.

Let's expand our network!
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Thanks for sharing, Ed.

Thank you for sharing. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. provide you with similar networking opportunities, though. Here, is dedicated to PMs.

Ed -

Thanks for the reminder - I'd participated in one of the live #PMChat sessions a few months back on a Friday and it was a fun experience. The challenge I had was that the scheduled timing didn't work well for me to participate regularly vs. a traditional discussion group where I can slot in my participation as or when I am available throughout the day.


Thanks Ed for letting us know. I did not know of any such in Twitter or FB. I will connect.

I usually stick to Linkedin and avoid FB and twitter, but thanks for the heads up.

Thanks Ed, for sharing this. I don't use Twitter but can try.

Ed, thanks
I will look it up

As far as I remember Noemi was in this chat, but not sure if leading or only participating, and she posted time ago something similar.

I found it!

Thanks for sharing Ed.

Thanks for sharing the information Ed
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