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Scrum VS Kanban or Scrum AND Kanban?

When you run an IT project, you should consider the work method. There are two popular work approaches: Scrum and Kanban. And the question is what approach to choose for the project. Can the principles of Scrum and Kanban be applied to a project at the same time?

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I would not say that Scrum and Kanban are mutually exclusive approaches. Principles of both can indeed be applied to a development project at the same time.

The selection of an approach would depend very much on the type of deliverables, the complexity surrounding the project, and the capability of the project team to adopt to these methodologies.

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Scrumban provides an incremental approach which combines applicable elements of Scrum and Kanban as determined by the team.

Ajay Reddy has written a great book on this framework.


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