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How do you stay organized?

What software/ tools/ tips can you share with a new PM?
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MS Office, MS Project, Sharepoint, Busines Skype, Notebook & Whiteboard.

Keep a daily journal for important notes.

Use a whiteboard to list and track your Poject milestones and anything else you feel should go on it.

Skype is good to get quick reponses.

MS project, SharePoint, JIRA etc.
Recently I started using Kanban task manager SharePoint Add-in. The helps to visualize the workflow and makes it easy to manage projects.

Tamika -

Face-to-face communication is the most effective.


In ICT or Digital Transformation domain : Understanding of DevOps, UML Doors, Change Management (Git/GitHub) and related tools will help a lot. Herein PM is not fully separable from PDLC/PLM.

Face-to-face or 1-0-1 communication are very effective (situationally).


MS project, Excel, communication, coffee.

The constant effort of remaining organized. I recently changed jobs and have been finding myself using excel more. I fill the worksheets with project information - SH register, team member details, rates, hours and projections, issue tracking.

I also use a notebook, mind mapping for quick hierarchies and brainstorming, OneNote. In my previous role, I used MS Project with SharePoint, and JIRA.

One Note
1 reply by Bruce Gay
Feb 13, 2018 10:28 AM
Bruce Gay
I have to agree with Brad Ferrell - once I started using OneNote, my productivity increased substantially. Highly recommended.

The question is too borad to provide an accurate answer. With regards to SW tools, previous comments have captured the most relevant. However, organization can not only be done by sitting behind a desk and typing away. Thus, team meetings are also needed.

If the organization has a PMO it is advisable to know what are the processes and organizational assets (i.e. Project Management Standards guide) in place that are used by other PMs to organize their work.
1 reply by Tamika Leslie
Feb 16, 2018 7:09 PM
Tamika Leslie
Thanks for sharing, now I have a few options to consider; appreciate all the feedback!

Software like OneNote or Trello where it can be share with a coach could be a valuable support

Our team uses this software called WiseTeam, pretty good at tracking time, managing tasks, projects and keeping you on top of things in general, I also use OneNote to jot down any quick notes I might need for later.
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