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2019 Chapter Leader Orientation

13 February 2019, 7:00-8:00 a.m. ET Live Chat; 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. ET Sessions | Online

Commit to Being the Best Chapter Leader You Can Be

In response to requests from chapter leaders, PMI created the Chapter Leader Orientation, an online introduction to chapter leadership skills both general and specific to chapter roles. The content was created with the help of many volunteers including chapter leaders and Region Mentors, as well as from Chapter Partners and other subject matter experts.

As a chapter leader you have taken the responsibility to serve your members, to deliver value and create a sustainable chapter. Thank you for your commitment! By being familiar with chapter governance, following proven leadership approaches and being prepared for whatever role you are in, you can be successful in your role. Viewing the sessions in this orientation can help you achieve this.

Look for these sessions in the 2019 Chapter Leader Orientation

Welcome to PMI Chapter Leadership

This module provides a view of PMI strategies and chapters as leaders prepare to lead high performing chapters.

Leadership Strategies for Chapters

In this leadership module learners will hear strategies from thought leaders and advice from volunteers with chapter leader experience.

Chapter Management Essentials

Managing a chapter depends on governance, which is the establishment of policies and procedures that are monitored for proper implementation by chapter board members. This can be a meticulous and daunting task with plenty of room for mistakes. However, with access and knowledge of chapter management essentials, chapter leaders can overcome these challenges. Follow along in a special “newscast” to learn more.

Membership: Recruiting and Retaining Members

Chapter membership should be desired not required. PMI chapter members stay for knowledge, networking and to become a better professional. Those in the role of VP/Director of Membership must understand what it means to be a membership-based association and how those principles are applied to chapter membership for PMI; the role membership plays to work toward a shared goal of chapter success; and how to leverage resources as well as identify and document process and value of goal setting and measuring.

Marketing: Promoting the Chapter

Marketing is integrated in everything a chapter does and supports fellow leaders in achieving their initiatives. This function plays an important role in implementing the chapter’s business plan. A successful marketing chapter leader understands the needs of its members and community and how to position the chapter’s products and services to achieve their goals..

Professional Development: Planning Professional Development/Education

In this module we will highlight areas of focus and some key considerations to help you effectively plan, run and engage participants through professional development events.

Engaging Volunteers

Gain the necessary information and resources to nurture a successful volunteer community within your chapter. This module will provide information and documentation regarding how effective recruitment, retention and recognition efforts will support positive and productive relationships with volunteers.

Managing Chapter Finances

This orientation session will assist the leader who has accepted the role and responsibility of the Vice President/Director of Finance/Treasurer. It will provide guidance on many key areas of that responsibility and will provide examples and samples of documentation that will support the new finance leader.