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2020 Chapter Leader Orientation

Tuesday, 18 February, 12:00-2:00 p.m. EST; Wednesday, 19 February, 12:00-2:00 p.m. CET; Thursday, 20 February, 12:00-2:00 p.m. HKT | Online

Join fellow chapter leaders and PMI staff for a discussion around the knowledge and insight you need to help you maximize the performance of your chapter and give you confidence to be successful in your new role.

Attend the 2-hour, live, interactive virtual event that best meets your needs:

  • Tuesday, 18 February, 12:00-2:00 p.m. EST (UTC -5)
  • Wednesday, 19 February, 12:00-2:00 p.m. CET (UTC +1)
  • Thursday, 20 February, 12:00-2:00 p.m. HKT (UT +8) 

During the event we will reflect on how PMI chapters deliver PMI’s global strategy locally and gain perspective on how to advance the practice of project, program and portfolio management. Learn about chapter leader expectations from the perspective of your many stakeholders; key resources and support available to you in your leadership role; and gain an understanding of your responsibility to serve your membership and chapter.

Watch On Demand

In addition to the live event we have created a series of videos that will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to be successful in a chapter leader role. Learn about fiduciary duties, the role of the board and more in “Chapter Management Essentials,” and gain an understanding of leadership theories to help you accomplish your goals in “Leadership Strategies for Chapters.” Finally, watch introductory videos specific to key chapter roles such as finance, marketing/communication, membership, volunteers and more.

Commit to Being the Best Chapter Leader You Can Be

In response to requests from chapter leaders, PMI created the Chapter Leader Orientation as an introduction to chapter leadership skills both general and specific to chapter roles. The content was created with the help of many volunteers, including chapter leaders and Region Mentors, as well as PMI Chapter Development staff and other subject matter experts.

As a chapter leader you have taken the responsibility to serve your members, to deliver value and create a sustainable chapter. Thank you for your commitment! By being familiar with chapter governance, following proven leadership approaches and being prepared for whatever role you are in, you can be successful in your role. Viewing the sessions in this orientation can help you achieve this.

More Reasons to Attend Chapter Leader Orientation

In addition to preparing you for your chapter leader role, there are two more important reasons to attend the Chapter Leader Orientation.

LIM Registration Eligibility

New leaders (those in a new leadership role since the last chapter election) must complete the Chapter Leader Orientation before they are eligible to register for a Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM). New leaders who are approved by their board to attend LIM must contact  Attendance will be verified and you will be sent the access code for LIM registration.

Leadership Institute Travel Grant

Chapters that qualify for a Leadership Institute Travel Grant must assure all new leaders in the chapter (those in a new leadership role since the last chapter election) have completed the Chapter Leader Orientation before reimbursement will be issued.

Completion of the Chapter Leader Orientation means attending or watching the recording of one of the 2-hour live events, and watching the general session, “Chapter Management Essentials,” plus the appropriate by-role session if one is available.


"Work is what you do for others . . . art is what you do for yourself."

- Stephen Sondheim



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