No two projects are alike, and no two Project Managers are alike. That's why we offer membership levels to meet the individual needs of every member of the community. We have affordable options for every PM environment.

When you need the "official version" for your organization.

PMOs often fail when we focus exclusively on software or templates. It takes an effective PMO Architecture to truly ensure success.

The PMO Management Package includes:

  • The Corporate Package, which gives you many options to select from when establishing best practices.

  • Processes on Demand (POD), a content management framework that is easy to implement, use, and make your own.

  • Highly experienced on-site support for the initial setup.

  • Annual "easy pass" support available if needed.

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Equip your PMO or team with Premium access to Corporations and Educators can link their project management staff and students together through the power of

If we do not succeed, then we run the risk of failure.

- Dan Quayle

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