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PMI Organization Membership


Success is more than the sum of its parts

Organizations can get everyone on the same page by investing in their employees and the future with a PMI Organization Membership. You'll equip your team to work more efficiently with all of the resources here on

  • Premium Downloads: The highest quality deliverable templates, checklists and presentations to jumpstart your project.
  • Live Webinars: Dozens of fascinating new webinars await your participation. Learn plenty and get the PDUs to maintain your certification.
  • On-Demand Webinars: Our on-demand webinar library has hundreds and hundreds of titles to help on your schedule.
  • Virtual Events: Twice a year, get access to full day agendas with top speakers on Organizational Agility, and Talent Management and Tech. That's in addition to our exciting full day PMXPO and Business Analysis events that are open to everyone.

And your PMI membership extends beyond! Take advantage of a host of other benefits including volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, educational opportunities, local chapters to join and access to respected PMI publications and standards. Don't wait for your team to figure it out - do it now and get everyone moving in the right direction.

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Be a part of the largest PM community anywhere. Enjoy thousands of articles, lively discussions, hundreds of free downloads, topical email newsletters, vast tools and training repositories and much more.

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Unlimited access to our library of webinars, time-saving deliverable templates and more PLUS all the perks of PMI Membership including volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, educational opportunities, local chapters, and access to respected PMI publications and standards.

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