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You've seen them. You've laughed, you've cried. You've wondered how people can be so genius to create such works of art. They are the templates, and they are making the lives of thousands of project managers easier. What's more, they have all been crafted by IT project managers like yourself. Along the way in your PM travels, you've drafted one or 10 or 100, and you probably have some that you would like to share with others. Come on now, don't be greedy, let's see what you've got.

What we want

Templates that are useful and valuable. That means substantial information pertinent to a real IT environment, beyond that which is obvious to a project manager. For example, technical specifications, workflow maps, requirements definitions, use case and other business models, test criteria, ROI cases.

Frameworks of or guidelines for developing something an IT project manager must deliver to a client or something a project team member must develop and maintain as a work document.

Templates that have passed internal quality control checks at your company and are grammatically correct. (Spelling counts!)

What we don't want

Templates that are no more than common sense on paper. We're not looking for the basics of setting up a meeting or work session, such as list of attendees, time, location; or anything as simple as sign-off sheets.

Templates that contain acronyms, specs and procedures specific to your project environment. If you have a useful template with some adaptations/modifications to other IT shops, clean it up to make it applicable and understandable by other project managers.

Copyrighted, grammatically incorrect, pirated, plagiarized, confidential, proprietary OR virus laden documents. Actually, you probably don't want those either.

What's in it for you

  • Recognition in the IT PM world as being an expert in the field, as well as public acknowledgement as a contributing member of
  • Like all published works on, the undying gratitude of the editors.
  • Stylish gear.
  • Possibly a few bucks, depending on what kind of contribution you're making.

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