Project Management

About Project HEADWAY PM Process

The Project HEADWAY PM Process is:

  • An exclusive feature of PMI Membership .
  • A step-by-step project management WBS that follows PMI standards. Drop in tasks you want to complete, and the resulting plan keeps you on track the PMI way.
  • Built in MS Project, so your project managers can follow "the PMI way" in the tool they typically work in. Team roles, techniques, inputs, outputs and dependencies are all integrated into the template.
  • Supported by hundreds of project management templates.
  • Very detailed. Each Stage, Step and Task is thoroughly described and includes advice from's subject matter experts. These "voices of" offer real-world insight into how these steps play out in practice. Get further discussion with experts in our integrated discussion groups.

PMI's PMBOK® Guide is the "what"

The PMBOK® Guide was created by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is probably the most widely used set of project management standards. It comes in book form, covering all of the Knowledge Areas that PMI feels are essential to a project.

It is not a process or a methodology.

Project HEADWAY is the "how"

Project HEADWAY tells you what should be done, when to do it and a broad range of advice and examples on how it should be done. You just drop your project-specific work into one of three (small, medium, or large) MS Project templates and suddenly you have a very robust and well supported project plan.

"PMI" and "PMBOK" are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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