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What is Change Management?

Change management is a term that has many meanings in different contexts. What it means here, however, is supporting the process by which the results of projects get used. Projects are a form of change themselves – they are about creating and enhancing systems, replacing existing solutions or retiring outdated ones. But the purpose of creating that system in the first place is to create some new way of managing a business process or capability. Change management is about delivering that larger purpose – of ensuring that the technical results of projects are implemented and used for the purpose they were intended.

What is Change HEADWAY?


Change HEADWAY is’s process for change management. From the same people that created Project HEADWAY, the PMBOK®-aware process for managing projects, Change HEADWAY is designed to provide organizations, project managers and teams with the processes necessary to ensure their project results get used.

Point-form list of features

  • An exclusive feature of premium and corporate membership.
  • A step-by-step change management process that allows your project managers to manage not only the project, but also the change associated with the project.
  • Built in MS Project, so your project managers can follow in a tool they typically work in. Team roles, techniques, outputs and dependencies are all integrated into the template.
  • Supported by change management templates.
  • Very detailed. Each Stage, Step and Task is thoroughly described.
  • Supported by and integrated with Project HEADWAY.


Link to Project HEADWAY?
The Change Management Process presented here follows the same format of Project HEADWAY, It adheres to the same phases of Justify, Plan, Activate, Control and End, with steps and tasks within each stage. When you use Project HEADWAY combined with Change HEADWAY, you manage your project with a complete set of processes that afford. Your activities define what needs to be built, and how the results get used. You provide your organization with the best chance of project and business success.


Change Management and the Project Manager
The role of the Project Manager when implementing change is to expand the project plan to incorporate change management activities that will ensure the most appropriate change management for the project at hand. This expands the definition of the project in that it includes not just the processes of product and services development but also the activities are required to ensure the completion of the project and the adoption of the change is fully defined. The Project Manager is one of the key change agents in the organization relative to the specific project.


A change agent is anyone in the organization involved in implementing the change as a member of the project structure or as a key leader in the organization. This may include members of the Change Management Team as well as key leaders in respective areas of the organization directly impacted by the change. Change HEADWAY provides guidance for all change agents to fully understand their role and the steps necessary to be successful.


In supporting the change management process, there are activities that are defined in Change HEADWAY that start before the traditional project start and continue after a project would usually be thought of as complete, as illustrated in the following diagram:


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