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What is Portfolio Management?


While project management becomes increasingly recognized as a way to deliver on strategic initiatives, many organizations still struggle to produce the intended results. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that the problem is not poor project management but is more organizational in nature. Are we doing the right projects at the right time? Do we understand if the project is producing the expected results? To more effectively deal with these questions, many organizations manage their projects through the use of a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of projects and programs which can be used to manage an organization’s projects in a coordinated manner to better meet business objectives. Project portfolio management is the process they use to manage their portfolios.


What is Portfolio HEADWAY?


Portfolio HEADWAY is a project portfolio management methodology developed and published by Portfolio HEADWAY is a portfolio management process designed to assist you in managing both the projects and the programs by providing you with the necessary tools to oversee the project work your organization chooses to do. It provides a comprehensive framework for selecting and managing those projects through to realizing the expected benefits from those project. Portfolio HEADWAY takes you from the very initial steps of establishing the portfolio, through creating and running a project selection process, ensuring ongoing governance and oversight and ends with benefits realization which is at the heart of any portfolio. The focus of the methodology is to help you select the right projects, do them at the right time, manage them effectively and realize the benefits. Portfolio HEADWAY is directly linked to Project HEADWAY,’s project management methodology.




Portfolio HEADWAY is:


  • An exclusive feature of premium and corporate membership.
  • A simple, straightforward, step-by-step portfolio management process that allows your organization to establish and manage a portfolio management process.
  • Very detailed. Each stage, step and task is thoroughly described.
  • Built in MS Project to allow an organization to plan and schedule the establishment of their portfolio.
  • Supported by and integrated with Project HEADWAY, the project management process.



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