How do standards relate to certifications?

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Preparing for the Exam with PMBOK Guide—Fifth Edition (Part 4): Scope Management

by Bruce Garrod

It’s time to continue working on self-improvement. This fourth article in a series exploring A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)—Fifth Edition through a lighthearted comparison to personal fitness improvement explores the Project Scope Management knowledge area.

Getting Comfortable with PMBOK

by Bruce Garrod

Are you starting the process of getting ready for the CAPM or PMP exam? Are you confused by the many articles that talk about the differences between PMBOK editions? The goal of this article is to clear away some of that confusion.

Technical Certifications: Is the Value Really There?

by Michael Wood

How are technical certifications different from professional licenses? What value do they provide the holder? Can they help someone get a job and earn more money? Are some certifications more prestigious than others? Do some hold the same stature as professional licenses?

Nails and Screws: The PMP vs. PRINCE2 Debate

by Mike Griffiths

Working in North America, it’s easy to dismiss PRINCE2 as some obscure, also-ran oddity from across the pond that has limited popularity. A little like afternoon tea or cricket, you hear about it occasionally, but don’t come across it in regular work very often. However, that is a stereotyped view that no longer applies.

The Path to the PMP (Part 12)

by Bruce Garrod

The Project Procurement Management knowledge area often causes stress to potential PMP exam takers, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are, however, a few important elements within the process that will need to be studied in further detail.

The Path to the PMP (Part 9)

by Bruce Garrod

Sometimes when exercising, it’s not necessary to do heavy lifting or run long distances. There can be easier days that still contribute to overall success. Project Human Resource Management is one of those easier days...but don’t take it lightly.

The Path to the PMP (Part 8)

by Bruce Garrod

Quality Management is a difficult knowledge area for people to connect with as they study for the PMP exam. Sadly, PMI also recognizes the weakness and includes plenty of questions to test your abilities.

The Path to the PMP (Part 6)

by Bruce Garrod

As we continue our PMP workout, we look at the Project Time Management knowledge area--which involves six processes that interact with each other and are described as discrete and sequential, but in reality may overlap.

How to Upgrade Yourself to the PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

Studying the PMBOK Guide Fourth Edition to take your PMP exam? Not so fast...unless you're taking the exam soon, you'll have to be aware of some essential changes in store and take the Fifth Edition exam. This article outlines a possible approach to "upgrade" yourself, and since we all learn differently you should adjust this approach to your own needs.

The Path to the PMP (Part 7)

by Bruce Garrod

The best part about Project Cost Management is that there are only three processes. And while the first two processes are light dumbbell lifting, the third throws some heavy barbell exercises your way. Are you prepared?



"Put all your eggs in the one basket and - WATCH THAT BASKET."

- Mark Twain



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