Project Management

How do I manage human resources in project management?

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Aligning Pressure and Desire to Increase Performance

by Andre Malan

Project managers recognize that the proper motivation of key resources is a primary cause for project success. The author has compiled the PDP model, aligning pressure and desire to increase performance, that aims to provide project managers with a structure for motivating key project resources by aligning the project’s objectives and the personal aims of the resources and incorporating them into the project in a way that results in optimal team performance.

Forging a Sponsor/Project Manager Bond

by Laura Burford

Project managers realize an engaged and supportive sponsor is instrumental in ensuring project success. However, many PMs struggle with building a collaborative relationship with the sponsor. This article presents three sponsor/project management relationship concepts.

Thriving in the Midst of an IT Resource Shortage

by Deborah Stadtler

Qualified candidates for IT jobs are becoming harder to find, and once in a position, even harder to keep satisfied. Let TeamPlay show you how its management tool can help you overcome resource obstacles and continue delivering successfully.



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