Why do development projects fail?

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Africa: High Risk and High Reward

by Sarah Fister Gale

The business world has long eyed Africa, but many companies have also been put off by its poor infrastructure and massive poverty. Now backed by vast natural resources and a surging youth population, the continent is on the verge of living up to its great economic potential. Yet project management success in Africa requires conquering a host of obstacles including political upheaval, limited local talent, and personal safety issues. This article examines how investors looking for projects with strong value propositions will find tremendous opportunities in Africa.

Back to Basics of Disaster Recovery

by Michael Wood

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are no longer optional. Protecting infrastructure and information assets of an organization is one of management's primary duties. Here are some ideas and options for making sure you don't fall down on the job.

Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

by Michael Wood

Just what is continuity planning and disaster recovery, and how can an organization get started with its planning efforts? Recent tragedies have proven there is plenty of work to do. Here's what the IT world can do to help prevent future failures.

Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery: ITIL Style

by Michael Wood

This article focuses on the continuity management and disaster recovery component of ITIL, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library that was developed by the UK Government and is now part of the Joint Framework for IT Governance.

Dodging Disaster: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

by Vijay Sankaran

While business continuity and disaster recovery plans are important for all corporate applications, it is imperative that they exist for the most critical applications. The moment that these systems go down, your business is losing money. What are the different components of disaster recovery, and what should be in a good DR plan?

Disaster Recovery

by Luc K. Richard

When such an unforeseen event results in loss of critical business data, recovery from the incident requires up-to-date backups and proven restoration methods.

Disaster Recovery: Incident Description Report

by Bob Weinstein

Disaster recovery has never been more important. National and world events have elevated it to a top priority in companies and government. Following 9/11, lower-Manhattan companies scrambled to recover data. Hacker attacks at government offices and large corporations also pointed up the critical need for meticulously crafted disaster recovery plans. Here is some help in keeping your workforce organized.

DRP Questionnaire


This compliance checklist will simplify the assessment of your Disaster Recovery Plan and processes.



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