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Generating a Useful Construction Activities Work Schedule

by Edwin Rivera Sierra

Construction project planning requires creating detailed construction activities work schedules. Being organized with all your construction documents can minimize missing key information. Learn how to develop a clear and complete schedule, and how it can make a complex project seem a bit easier to handle.

The Dimensional Approach to Scope Creep Management in Construction Projects

by Abiodun Adewale Sorinolu

The efficient delivery of construction projects will be greatly enhanced if project managers focus their efforts on developing measures for identifying, monitoring, and managing scope creep in projects of any size. This article seeks to provide answers to the following questions: What is scope creep? When does it happen (identifying? Why does it happen (monitoring)? And, how can it be prevented from happening (managing)?

Scope Management Using the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)

white paper
by G. Edward Gibson, Jr.; Peter R. Dumont; and John R. Fish

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

The Project Definition Rating Index is a revolutionary tool, an easy-to-use checklist that identifies and precisely describes each critical element in a project scope definition package. The PDRI allows a project team to quickly analyze the scope definition package and predict factors that may impact project risk.

Mobile Devices in Construction Projects

by Jonathan Poppe
June 26, 2014 | 59:16 | Views: 1,654 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.94 / 5

Construction project managers have to overcome a number of challenges when the jobsite is a significant distance from the office. This webinar will cover some of the most common challenges faced by the PM, and provide suggestions for using mobile devices to face these challenges. We will look at how a project manager can:- oversee multiple construction jobs that are physically separated- assist site supervisors overcome limited technical experience- maintain a daily understanding of each job- keep onsite employees accountable- evaluate the quality of work at a job

Quality Assurance Assessment Checklists


This thorough and detailed assessment is a series of five checklists designed to guide you through the entire project lifecycle from start to finish: planning, analysis, design, construction and implementation.

Construction Scope Stage Checklist


This form will help you look at your construction project's scope after each stage of your project while taking into account environmental factors, ergonomics, safety and general considerations.

Major Milestones and Deliverables

by Luc K. Richard

Without concrete milestone and deliverables, project plans are too intangible to function as a reliable status indicator. The following list summarizes milestones and deliverables that apply to most software development projects.

Application Developer's Architecture Checklist


An important part of developing an application is designing its overall architecture. Use this checklist as a measure of insurance that your software architecture design is sound and will properly enable and support the application and its users.

Design Milestones Review Checklists


This Design Milestones Review Checklist contains four worksheets: Design Milestones, High-Level Pre-Design, Technical Requirements, and Documentation and User Interface.

Construction Contract Review Form


A construction contract is complicated, not just in wording (leave that to the lawyers!), but in all the steps it (and you) must go through to turn the wishes of the client and the words on paper into a viable construction project. Use this form to help move matters along without forgetting any important steps and checkpoints.

Cost Estimating Procedure Form


Construction projects are notoriously complicated. Estimating construction costs is even more complicated. Before you turn to the deck of tarot cards or start reading tea leaves to put together your next cost estimate, check out this cost estimating procedure form to base your estimates solidly in reality.



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