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What is the role of the PMO?

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How PMOs Can Help Agile Projects

by Mike Griffiths

It may not always be apparent, but the goals of the Project Management Office and agile teams are well aligned. Both groups want to get to the same destination, but things often come adrift as soon as the best direction to travel is discussed. It doesn't have to be that way...

The Problem with PMOs and Governance

by Andy Jordan

Organizations that take project governance for granted are headed for a fall. There is one area where governance seems to be failing in many organizations, and it's perhaps surprising--the PMO. That is incredibly dangerous, and here’s why...

Achieving True PMO Value

by Michael Wood

Want your PMO to survive the current 50% rate of failure? Want the value your PMO delivers to be self-evident? Then align it with the organization’s strategies, goals and objectives--and become an integral part of the planning process.

Project Governance: Overcoming Obstacles

by Michael Wood

One of the primary roles of the PMO is to provide a framework for ensuring proper governance over projects. Here we look at some of the obstacles and challenges facing the PMO governance function--and some tips for overcoming them.



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