PodCast: Business Analysis for Practitioners (Part 3)


In this three-part podcast, Laura Paton, MBA, PMI-PBA, PMP, CBAP, CSM, the lead author of PMI’s Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide, discusses elicitation and analysis techniques for business analysts, as well as the new practice guide and who will benefit from it.

In Part 1, she provides a tip for business analysts: “Before determining which elicitation and analysis techniques to utilize, first understand the characteristics of the stakeholders who will be involved in the elicitation activities.”  She explains that by learning this tip, practitioners can add a lot of value to their projects.

In the second and third parts, Paton discusses the practice guide, which is due to become available for a limited time no-cost download from PMI’s Requirements Management page in early December.  Developed by leading experts in the field, it provides essential “how-to” information for those who practice business analysis as part of their role, regardless of their job title.

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