PM Debate: Competence is more important than loyalty in trusting team members and employees

By PMI Khaleeji FZ LLC (UAE) Chapter, and PMI Khaleeji FZ LLC (UAE) Chapter

Competence and loyalty are both important in situations where team members must trust each other. Competence is the ability to do something efficiently and effectively. Loyalty is a strong feeling of allegiance and support. Which is more important and why? That's the focus of this episode of the PM Debate Podcast. Listen to the debate and take part in the debate online.

The Project Management Debate Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores different topics related to project management, transformation, strategy, and leadership. The format of this 20-25 minute podcast includes a key question that is debated by Philip and Mary Elizabeth Diab. The structure includes a brief introduction, opening statements, questions and answers, and closing statements.

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