Empower, Equip, and Financial Freedom with Marissa Nehlsen

By PMI Central Alabama Chapter, and Marissa Nehlsen

Rick will interview Marissa Nehlson. Marissa is the Founder and CEO of Freedom Financial Group who cam from humble beginnings as a rural North Dakota farm girl to build a multi-million-dollar financial services company as an accomplished leader with proven results her unique style and approach enables clients to achieve extraordinary and sustainable results. Fueled by other people’s growth, with over 25 years of solid experience, she built a holistic planning firm based on the core principle to Educate, Empower and Equip individuals, organizations and businesses to make wise choices. Marissa delivers results by connecting with people to share her practical ideas and techniques to help them achieve their goals and transform their lives by coordinating wealth management, risk management, small business and estate planning.

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