Project Management

Project HEADWAY: Selling Project Management to Your Organization

Project managers often express frustration that those in the executive and management roles within their organizations do not 'get' project management. They don't appear to believe that project management has any value or , if they do, they often pay it lip-service but do not appear to be committed to actually implementing and using it. As project managers, we can often see the direct benefits of the structure, rigour and control that project management brings and would like our organizations to take project management to the next level. But how? Where should we start? What approach should we take? Why isn't management listening to us? In this Project HEADWAY webinar, we will be interviewing Mark Mullaly, the President of Interthink Consulting Incorporated and a co-lead of PMI's Value of Project Management research study. Mark will provide insights into the challenges that we experience and offer suggestions for how we can try to gain the support and commitment of management to the project management process.

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